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    “Joan Bowling combines the perfect blend of excitement, energy and important research-based knowledge in her enthusiastic sales presentation that leaves business owners with several practical ideas an techniques to take back and implement right away. “
    Olivia Wilson

    Promotions Director, Va Specialty Food & Beverage Conference

    “Joan’s professionalism and organized approach in leading panelists in their discussions made for an engaging and educational event for our organization. “

    Mary K. Butler

    Director of Sales, Comcast Spotlight

    “Joan’s breakout session was phenomenal, and she received incredible feedback from many of our conference guests. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an engaging, talented speaker!”

    Dora Oliver

    Communications/Charlottesville Quadruplicity Women’s Conference



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    Gift with Performance

    For those of you that know me, you know that I am a competitor. And for those of you that follow me, you know I love to present, train and coach. When you combine these factors, what do you get?    The Toastmasters International Speech Competition.  This contest was...

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    Your Voice Matters

    My friend had been on my mind for some time that day and I decided not to push the thought aside any longer. I picked up phone and to see how she was. My friend answered the phone and when she realized it was me, there was a release of emotions. Desperate sobs...

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    Emotions Under Pressure

    My adorable 23-year-old nephew is a “tall drink of water” as my 96-year-old Aunt Lucy would say. That is my aunt’s way of saying that he is a tall guy! Adam is 6 feet 4 inches tall. What gives him additional height is his dark, super curly hair. Think Little Richard....

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    All Write Already!

    To become a better speaker, focus on your writing skills. Why? Great communications whether written or verbal have many good things in common. Good oral presentations incorporate thoughtful word choices, good story flow, and a strong structure. And good writing...

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