When your goal is clear, confident communication. 


It looks so easy, doesn’t it? When we experience a great speaker, the performance appears so fluid and effortless, as the speaker establishes a brief, yet almost ethereally deep, connection with the audience. We hang onto every word with enthusiasm and inspired purpose.

A great speaker makes an emotional impact that leverages the lesson within your heart to motivate you to act and believe you can succeed

—whether it’s in a one-to-one meeting with your client, while encouraging your team toward their goal, or when presenting in front of a large audience.

As my client, you’ll receive the insights, guidance and coaching required to exponentially supercharge your every day and formal communications. I’ve helped TedxRVA speakers, advertising agency owners, entrepreneur contest winners and business owners amplify their communications to efficiently and effectively reach and exceed their goals, with life-changing impact to them personally and to those in their spheres of influence. I can also help you.

“Thank You, Joan. You are the best speech coach EVER! Thank you for sharing your time, your talent, and your passion!

You helped me to feel confident, practiced and poised.”

Mo Regulinski

Artist / Designer / TEDx RVA Speaker

Motivational Sales Trainer

As a veteran from the world of broadcast sales, I’ve come to understand a one-size-fits-all sales training approach simply doesn’t work. Using a flexible model which leverages energy, mission and meaningful interaction between all the team’s members, I have found that the learning sticks and new patterns of sales conversations develop within the companies I help.

“My company hired Joan to help us create a presentation for a new client. Joan brought insight, direction and a thorough plan. We closed our largest client yet.”

Clay Hamner


No matter how technology changes, sales is still about building great relationships that work

I can help you establish and advance these new relational dynamics within your organization, which will help your team solicit more deals and make more sales.

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