Show & Tell

I absolutely love coaching speakers.  First, there is the delight in hearing a new story.  Second, there is the audience connection.  All great speaking is not a telling, but a showing of where the speaker is and where he/she wants to take the audience. I recently was...

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Gift with Performance

For those of you that know me, you know that I am a competitor. And for those of you that follow me, you know I love to present, train and coach. When you combine these factors, what do you get?    The Toastmasters International Speech Competition.  This contest was...

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Your Voice Matters

My friend had been on my mind for some time that day and I decided not to push the thought aside any longer. I picked up phone and to see how she was. My friend answered the phone and when she realized it was me, there was a release of emotions. Desperate sobs...

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Emotions Under Pressure

My adorable 23-year-old nephew is a “tall drink of water” as my 96-year-old Aunt Lucy would say. That is my aunt’s way of saying that he is a tall guy! Adam is 6 feet 4 inches tall. What gives him additional height is his dark, super curly hair. Think Little Richard....

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All Write Already!

To become a better speaker, focus on your writing skills. Why? Great communications whether written or verbal have many good things in common. Good oral presentations incorporate thoughtful word choices, good story flow, and a strong structure. And good writing...

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The Rules of Engagement (virtually, of course)

Ah, the commute to the training room is very short nowadays. Just walk down the hall into your home office. Sound check? Good. Visuals good? Check. Slides ready? Correct. And with this you feel like you are ready to take of your audience or virtual attendees, no...

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What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Imagine this. You are presenting a large research project to your boss. You have spent days and days of researching, writing and preparing this report. And, you are pretty proud of what you have to present to her. It is presentation day. After 5 minutes of silently...

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Good Questions are the Heart of Effective Communication

Having been a live television talk show host for over a decade, I felt that I was good at asking questions. Whomever the guest was on my show, my goal was to draw out information and showcase their personality.  From foreign car experts to heart surgeons, from reptile...

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Background Dumbfounded

Do you remember when you had a live meeting in someone’s office that you just met? You took in the atmosphere of their furniture placement, photos, wall hangings, electronics, paper, and everything that created that person’s business persona. Are they organized?...

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Even Paradise Has It’s Share of Storms

I am excited about being involved in a storyteller’s project for a possible television pilot showcasing a series of stories. Each week, our storytellers team meets for several hours crafting and modifying a 5-7-minute story. The completion of our hard work will be a...

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Making an Impact

BlogDon’t know about you but I almost long for the “good old days” of the political headlines; throwing air kisses to family members because you were running out the door for a meeting; going to the grocery store and finding any product that you needed. Only things...

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You Speak My Language

I love my adorable red, Mini Cooper Countryman. It’s easy to park, fun to drive and hugs the road like no other. Recently, it needed some service. My thoughts of driving delight took a turn for the worse when I envisioned the repair costs.  It was scary because, with...

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Competition Composure

As of late, I seem to be doing much coaching work for those in pitch competitions or those in speaking competitions. And, I just completed a round of competitions myself. Whether the prize is a check or a trophy, there is an extra caveat on the line for us speakers....

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Slow Down, you’re talking too fast.

I was working with this amazing client recently on an upcoming presentation. His talk was about living through the near poverty upbringing of his family of origin; about his laser sharp focus to graduate from college, with unbelievable odds – a first for his family;...

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New Kid On The Block

Recently I was asked to attend a large women’s business function in another city in which I knew no one expect the person who invited me. The person that invited me was very involved in the organization and had duties to perform on that day. So, I was on my own. To...

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Walk This Way For A Great Sales Experience

One of the things I do not like to do (which is probably illegal for my gender) is to go shoe shopping. After years of performing in my earlier days, dance lessons, decades of proudly walking incorrectly in high heels and two-foot surgeries, my feet are not only not...

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Paint Deck Power

After 15 years with bright peach walls in a corner bedroom of our house for our oldest daughter (now an adult and with her own daughter), it was time for a re-paint. With my paint fan deck in hand, I had selected a subtle blue color called - blue bonnet. It would take...

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Hello World!

Welcome world! Happy to be back in conversation with you on my new blog. Every now and then I’ll be writing about my travels, my experiences and memorable stories that I want to share with you that are fun, cool or just plain neat. Glad to have you aboard.

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