When your goal is clear, confident communication. 

Professional Speaker

I know the importance of keeping presentations witty, engaging, packed with high energy and overflowing with valuable information. While I do my best to make it look easy, my thorough preparation, which includes building relationships with your team prior to speaking, makes me an Event Planner’s dream. However, as we all know, even the best laid plans can occasionally veer from the carefully crafted agenda. Fortunately, my live television background has taught me how to make it fun and roll with the unexpected, making sure the audience enjoys the ride.

My overriding focus is to always ensure your audience receives an impactful presentation from which they walk away energized, optimistic, encouraged, fearless about change, and ready for action.

Signature Keynotes

Listen up!

– Strategic Moves for Successful Communication

Is technology tanking your communication skills? Are your conversations limited to your keypad? Wouldn’t you like to know how to reduce stress, achieve more and enjoy your day a whole lot more by connecting with your team or colleagues? The faster the pace in life, the more we need to develop great listening skills for office place civility.

Listening is the most important aspect of communication. In this interactive and high energy program attendees will learn:

      • The importance and impact of listening
      • Its role in stronger communications, better relationships and improved team productivity
      • Body language skills
      • The art of questioning

“Joan is a speaker who can keep the audience engaged, interested, and entertained as she educates them. She was a favorite during our conference.”

Joy Leyeza

21st South Atlantic AGA Professional Development Training

Inside Secrets of a Talk Show Host

– How I learned to increase sales and customer service via an open mic!


My ten-year tenure in front of a live mic and live audience taught me that the best laid plans sometime take an unexpected turn when it’s showtime! Want to know how to handle conversation curve balls? Expecting the unexpected using my guidelines for a great customer experience will ensure a smoother conversation, better rapport, and increased sales.

In this fun and focused program attendees will learn:

      • What matters most in client interactions
      • Three resources you always have available for success
      • How to reroute a roadblock

“Joan’s breakout session was phenomenal, and she received incredible feedback from many of our conference guests. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an engaging, talented speaker!”

Dora Oliver

Communications/Charlottesville Quadruplicity Women’s Conference

“Joan was so funny and I love the way she got the group involved.”

NAPO attendee

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