Mr. Irrelevant
Feb 27, 2024

For those of you that are NFL football fans, specifically the San Francisco 49’ers, you are well acquainted with Mr. Irrelevant.  Brock Purdy, the San Francisco 2023 starting quarterback was drafted in the sixth round in 2022 as the very last player selected to play professional football.  #262 to be exact.  Players drafted in the last picks usually don’t have success (or any careers) in the NFL because there are too many other higher drafted, more talented players to choose from.  He was basically irrelevant to the team until he proved otherwise.

I am working with one of my speaker buddies (mastermind) on a new keynote speech. As I eagerly shared what I had with him, I asked him what he thought.  His thoughts? “There are so many irrelevant bits of information in your talk, Joan.”  Really?  Yep, really.  Many thoughts in my talk were irrelevant to the story that I was telling.  The flowery details swerved off path and didn’t lead the listener to the destination that I wanted to take them.

I had a good story – an entertaining story.  One that I wanted to tell and one that I felt that the listener would enjoy. However, my friend pointed out that I would lose them along the way with side stories, flowery language, and spending too much time on non-important story scene details.  In short, my talk was at risk of becoming irrelevant.

Testing out my talk with my colleague was the perfect way to get a reality check.  Now with my newly refined talk, I believe my speaker draft number went from sixth round – to a first-round pick.  Playing to win!

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